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17" Willow Wall Basket
17" Willow Wall Basket Sale price$36.00
14" Willow Wall Basket
14" Willow Wall Basket Sale price$25.00
Hanging Welcome Wall Basket
Rattan Wall Basket
Rattan Wall Basket Sale price$40.00
Large Driftwood Tray
Large Driftwood Tray Sale price$106.00
Whitewashed Tobacco Baskets (S/2)
White Dipped Willow Basket Planters (S/3)
Willow Basket Trays w/ Handles (S/3)
Oval Wicker Baskets (S/2)
Oval Wicker Baskets (S/2) Sale price$100.00
Copper Finish Oval Baskets (S/2)
Seagrass Tub Basket Storage (S/3)
Open Weave Baskets (S/3)
Open Weave Baskets (S/3) Sale price$80.00
Wire Storage Basket with Jute Accents
Save $15.00Woven Wicker Baskets w/ Beads (S/2)
Woven Wicker Baskets w/ Beads (S/2) Sale price$45.00 Regular price$60.00
Save $22.00Wicker Magazine Basket
Wicker Magazine Basket Sale price$38.00 Regular price$60.00
French Elongated Floral Baskets (S/2)
Wicker Basket Trays (S/2)
Wicker Basket Trays (S/2) Sale price$58.00
Chipwood With Leather Handle Baskets (S/2)
Adirondack Backpack Baskets
Adirondack Backpack Baskets Sale price$106.00
Chipwood Totes w/  (S/2)
Chipwood Totes w/ (S/2) Sale price$66.00
Whitewashed Chipwood Baskets (S/2)
Wire Storage Basket
Wire Storage Basket Sale price$30.00
Natural Rattan Trunks (Set of 3)
Hand Woven Seagrass Wall Basket
Rattan Wall Basket
Rattan Wall Basket Sale price$32.00
Large Oval Round Wicker Trays (S/2)
Large Round Wicker Trays (S/2)
Copper Finish Scoop Baskets
French Inspired Moses Baskets (S/2)
French Inspired Round Baskets (S/3)
Open Weave Hanging Willow Baskets (S/2)
Chicken Wire Magazine Basket
Seagrass Basket Storage (S/3)
Copper Finish Locker Baskets (S/2)
Nesting Baskets (S/2)
Nesting Baskets (S/2) Sale price$26.00
Small Hanging Pot with Wire Basket - (S/2)
Gertrude's Gathering Baskets (S/3)
Sold outNatural Seagrass Accent Basket w/ Handles
Natural Seagrass w/ Black Accent Basket
Metasequoia Wood Baskets (S/2)
Seagrass Basket (S/3)
Seagrass Basket (S/3) Sale price$30.00
Footed Bamboo Baskets (Set of 3) (5610033938589)
Dipped Seagrass Baskets (Set of 2) (5610036297885)
Chevron Woven Seagrass Baskets (Set of 2) (5610036068509)
Black & Russet Woven Abaca Baskets (5610036396189)
Black & Beige Woven Seagrass Basket with Handles (5610005921949)
Black & Mustard Woven Baskets (Set of 2) (5610037215389)
Black & White Baskets (Set of 3) (5610035085469)