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Fillable Holiday Lantern
Fillable Holiday Lantern Sale price$40.00
Modern Red Iron Lanterns (S/3)
Red Iron Lanterns (S/2)
Red Iron Lanterns (S/2) Sale price$170.00
Red Estate Iron Lantern
Red Estate Iron Lantern Sale price$72.00
Red Oblong Iron Lantern
Red Oblong Iron Lantern Sale price$75.00
Traditional Red Iron Lanterns (S/2)
Matte Red Iron Lanterns (S/3)
Red Metal Lanterns (S/2)
Red Metal Lanterns (S/2) Sale price$160.00
Rustic Sphere Lantern
Rustic Sphere Lantern Sale price$28.00
The Carriage Lantern
The Carriage Lantern Sale price$38.00
Sold outPaul Revere Candle Lantern - Antique Brass
Quart Mason Jar Hanging Wall Sconce - Antique Brass
Quart Mason Jar Lantern - Antique Brass
Hurricane Lantern
Hurricane Lantern Sale price$32.00
Sold outAugustine Lantern
Augustine Lantern Sale price$72.00
Sold outMadison County Lantern
Madison County Lantern Sale price$22.00
Save $48.00Galvanized Candle Lanterns with Wood Base (S/2)
Galvanized Candle Lanterns with Wood Base (S/2) Sale price$32.00 Regular price$80.00
Curtis Island Candle Lantern
Sold outSmall Steeple Lantern
Small Steeple Lantern Sale price$44.00
Modern Farmhouse Lantern
Modern Farmhouse Lantern Sale price$96.00
St. Claire Wood and Metal Lantern
Seaside Lantern
Seaside Lantern Sale price$64.00
The Charlotte Olde Towne Lantern
Sold outSave $20.00Fulton Tabletop Clock
Fulton Tabletop Clock Sale price$12.00 Regular price$32.00
Sold outPerforated Two Tier Organizer
quickshipCupertino Lantern
Cupertino Lantern Sale price$44.00
Oversized Jefferson Lantern
Oversized Jefferson Lantern Sale price$220.00
Pioneer LED Lantern
Pioneer LED Lantern Sale price$42.00
Sold outWinston Lantern
Winston Lantern Sale price$64.00
Shabby Chic Cordelia Lantern (Sm)
Shabby Chic Cordelia Lantern (Lg)
Iron Trellis Lantern (Sm)
Iron Trellis Lantern (Sm) Sale price$40.00
Iron Trellis Lantern (Lg)
Iron Trellis Lantern (Lg) Sale price$60.00
Save $16.00Distressed White Hurricane Lantern
Distressed White Hurricane Lantern Sale price$32.00 Regular price$48.00
Aalto Lantern
Aalto Lantern Sale price$60.00
Sold outRed and White Lantern (S/2)
Red and White Lantern (S/2) Sale price$144.00
Sold outFarmhouse Lantern
Farmhouse Lantern Sale price$38.00
Antiqued Copper Lanterns (S/2)
Paramount Lantern (Sm)
Paramount Lantern (Sm) Sale price$32.00
Paramount Lantern (Lg)
Paramount Lantern (Lg) Sale price$42.00
Steeple Lantern
Steeple Lantern Sale price$50.00
Chatsworth Candle Lantern
Chatsworth Candle Lantern Sale price$50.00
Gun Metal Steeple Lantern
Gun Metal Steeple Lantern Sale price$43.20
Gun Metal Sydney Candle Lantern
Small Gun Metal Steeple Lantern
Monroe Tea Light Lantern
Monroe Tea Light Lantern Sale price$24.00
Thin Hayworth Lantern
Thin Hayworth Lantern Sale price$12.00
Sold outQuart Mason Jar Lantern
Quart Mason Jar Lantern Sale price$32.00