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Tree (Set of 2) 12.5"H, 15"H Resin
Ornament (3 Asst) 4"D, 4"H, 6"H Glass
Ornament (3 Asst)  5"H, 5"H, 7"H Glass
Sold outDeer (2 Asst) 12"L x 14.5"H, 13"L x 17.5"H Resin
Tree (Set of 2) 10"H, 12"H Wood
Sold outTrees w/Holy Family Puzzle 12"L x 9"H Wood
Tree 35 Lights 24”H PVC/Metal UL Plug Included
Tree 70 Lights 36”H PVC/Metal UL Plug Included
Sold outBuilding (Set of 2) 14"H, 21.75"H Metal
Snowflake Ornament 8”H Wood
Snowflake 12”D Wood
Snowflake 12”D Wood Sale price$13.00
Snowflake 9”D Wood
Snowflake 9”D Wood Sale price$5.00
Deer (2 Asst) 7.5"H, 11.75"H Resin
Tree (Set of 3) 6.5"H, 8"H, 10"H Resin
Sold outSnowflake (2 Asst) 5”D Resin
Sold outAngel 22.5”H Wood
Angel 22.5”H Wood Sale price$86.00
Tree on Base (Set of 2) 11.5"H, 14.25"H Wood/Aluminum
Deer w/Trees on Base 6.5"L x 11"H Wood/Aluminum
Candle Holder (Set of 2) 14"H, 16"H Wood
Tree (Set of 2) 14"H, 17"H Resin
Sold outOnion Ornament (Set of 2) 4.5"H, 5.5"H Glass
Ornament (3 Asst) 5.5”H Glass
Ornament (3 Asst) 5.5”H Glass
Ornament (3 Asst) 4"D, 5"H, 6"H Glass
Santa Ornament 9”H Glass
Sold outBall Ornament 4”D Glass
Ball Ornament 4”D Glass Sale price$13.00
Ornament (2 Asst) 4"D, 7"H Glass
Tree (Set of 2) 12.5"H, 14.5"H Glass
Ornament (2 Asst) 3”D Resin
Nativity Screen 18.5"L x 8.5"H MDF
Nativity Screen (3 Asst) 8"L x 15.5"H MDF
Star and Snowflake Ornament (3 Asst) 4”H Ceramic
Nativity Star Ornament (2 Asst) 5.25”H MDF
Sled and Skate Ornament (2 Asst) 5”H MDF
Mini Tree on Pedestal (Set of 2) 10.5"H, 14"H Plastic/Wood
Sold outOrnament (Set of 2) 4"H, 4.5"H Glass
Ornament 4.5”H Glass
Ornament 4.5”H Glass Sale price$8.00
Ornament (2 Asst) 3"D, 5.75"H Glass
Ball Ornament 3”D Glass
Sold outOrnament (2 Asst) 4"D, 6"H Glass
Ball Ornament (Set of 2) 3"D, 4"D Glass
Pine Cone Ornament (Set of 2) 5.5"H, 7"H Glass
Sold outPine Cone (Set of 3) 3.5"L, 4.5"L, 6"L Resin
Santa (Set of 2) 10"H, 12.5"H Resin
Tree (Set of 2) 6"H, 9"H Iron/Wood
Sold outAngel (2 Asst) 6.25”H Resin
Sold outGrass Bundle 19”H Plastic
Grass Bundle 19”H Plastic