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Shades of Burgundy Garland
Cinnamon & Burgundy Fall Leaves Garland
Beech Fall Foliage Garland
Beige Plumes Bunch (S/2)
Beige Plumes Bunch (S/2) Sale price$20.00
Cocoa Fall Foliage Branch (S/3)
Shades of Burgundy Fall Foliage Branch (S/2)
Gold and Brown Fall Foliage Branch (S/3)
Gold Eucalyptus w/ Pinecones (S/2)
Rust & Tan Leaves w/ Twigs Branch (S/2)
Orange & Gold Foliage Bunch
Rust & Tan Leaves Foliage Branch
Rose Hips Branch (S/3)
Rose Hips Branch (S/3) Sale price$18.00
Dried Flower Buds Branch (S/2)
Fall Pods Branch (S/2)
Fall Pods Branch (S/2) Sale price$24.00
Orange Eucalyptus & Pinecones Pick (S/4)
Shades of Burgundy Fall Foliage Pick (S/4)
Sold outAspen Fall Foliage Branch (S/3)
Cinnamon & Burgundy Fall Leaves Pick (S/4)
Shimmer Gold & Copper Eucalyptus Garland
Copper Eucalyptus Branch (S/2)
Aspen Fall Foliage Candle Ring (S/3)
Cinnamon Eucalyptus Candle Ring (S/2)
Mustard Eucalyptus Candle Ring (S/2)
Orange Eucalyptus Candle Ring (S/2)
Sold outRust and Tan Leavess Candle Ring (S/2)
Pumpkins Berries & Fall Garland
Rice Flower Fall Garland
Rice Flower Fall Garland Sale price$28.00
Dried Oak Leaves Branch - Yellow (S/2)
Brown Pampas Grass (S/2)
Brown Pampas Grass (S/2) Sale price$25.00
Dried Oak Leaves Branch - Brown (S/3)
Brown Oak Leaves - Branch
Brown Oak Leaves - Branch Sale price$20.00
25" Gumdrop Eucalyptus Wreath - Burgundy
25" Gumdrop Eucalyptus Wreath - Yellow
25" Gumdrop Eucalyptus Wreath - Rust
28" Gumdrop Eucalyptus Stem - Burgundy
28" Gumdrop Eucalyptus Stem - Yellow
28" Gumdrop Eucalyptus Stem - Rust
Long Orange Peony Stem (5610100261021)
Long Orange Peony Stem Sale price$4.99
Maidenhair Fern Stem
Maidenhair Fern Stem Sale price$8.00
Sold out34" Beige Eucalyptus Stem (5610105962653)
Green Brown Fig Stem
Green Brown Fig Stem Sale price$10.00
Harvest Pepperberry Stem
Harvest Pepperberry Stem Sale price$8.00
Faux Preserved Autumn Grass Stem
Harvest Plum Stem
Harvest Plum Stem Sale price$6.00
Faux Preserved Autumunal Yellow Eucalyptus
Faux Preserved Raspberry Eucalyptus
Burnt Orange Heather Bush
Burnt Orange Heather Bush Sale price$12.00
21" Golden Tones Wreath
21" Golden Tones Wreath Sale price$39.00